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The Punisher (2017)

IMDB Summary: After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle became a vigilante known as “The Punisher” with only one goal in mind – to avenge them. With his revenge now complete, Frank’s war-time past comes back to haunt him.

Creator: Steve Lightfoot

Starring: Jon Bernthal, Amber Rose Revah, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ben Barnes

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime

Content Warning: Murder, guns, gore, bombs, knives, abuse.

I would highly, highly recommend that you watch Daredevil Season 1 + 2 before watching this show because Frank Castle’s character and some supporting characters in The Punisher are introduced in Daredevil. 

The Punisher’s Plot

After the brutal deaths of Frank Castle’s family, Frank seeks out revenge on every government official and soldier that was responsible for the murder of his wife and children. Frank is a no-nonsense guy living in NYC who wants nothing more than revenge and will do everything to get it. As he hunts down those who were involved in the murder of his family, he uncovers a larger secret about the US government that can destroy everyone he cares for. 

What I loved about the plot of this show is that it’s centered around the deeply rooted corruption that is in the US government, specifically the military. Frank isn’t a character who wants to expose the government but rather wants to kill everyone involved in the evil actions that have been committed. He is one of the darkest characters in the Marvel universe who uses guns and his military knowledge to take down his enemies which made me love how raw and gritty the storyline was. 

The Punisher isn’t a hero who has special powers that helps him take down his enemies. Instead, Frank uses his experience as a Marine and sharpshooter to fight those who are coming after him. Rather than having fantastical abilities, Frank is an antihero who is somewhat more relatable because he is just a man and not some extraordinary person who was born with powers or developed them as they grew older.

The direction this show takes is one that I’ve never seen before in a Marvel movie/show because it is more realistic than other Marvel storylines, and I think that’s why I liked it so much. I’m a fan of heroes who don’t have powers and use their experience, training, and gadgets to take down their enemies (ex: Batman, Captain America, Black Widow). Their struggles and perseverance inspires me, in a way, and excites me more than heroes with powers because these are the heroes who throw their lives on the line for their cause and use all their skills that they developed to help them survive the dark world they live in. 

While The Punisher can be seen as a slower Marvel show, it still has plenty of action and intrigue to keep me on the edge of my seat as I marathoned the entire show in one weekend, unable to stop thinking about it for days on hand. 

The Punisher’s Characters

Frank Castle : A marine who was apart of an illegal government operation that ultimately led to the murder of his family. He becomes The Punisher set on killing those who did him wrong and is seeking justice for the death of his family.

Dinah Madani : A headstrong Homeland Security agent set on finding who killed her partner while also trying to hunt down Frank Castle/The Punisher.

Micro : A hacker who faked his own death to escape the government that he is set on exposing.

Billy Russo : A special forces soldier who worked alongside Frank Castle and is like a brother to him.

Frank has become one of my favorite Marvel heroes because his personality is the type that I always fall in love with. Brooding, sad, dark, morally grey. Those are all his characteristics and happen to be the ones that I always gravitate towards and fall for. Frank is a quiet hero who is driven by his dark emotions that push him to hunt down the people who hurt his family.

What I loved most about him was his character development that transformed him from this lone survivor to a man who learned to rely on others in order to survive. Jon Bernthal did a fantastic job of bringing Frank’s character to life, and I am so glad that he was cast for the role.

Dinah was such a fantastic addition to the show and helped show the government’s POV in regards to Frank’s mass killings. She is a no-nonsense agent who will do anything to find out how her partner died. I loved how strong of a character Dinah was and really enjoyed learning more about her life and how she usually lets her emotions lead her forward in cases. 

Micro was also a great addition to the cast with his witty dialogue and intelligence that helped Frank Castle go forward with his mission. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Micro’s character at first and found him to be a bit dull, but after a few episodes, he grew on me.

Billy was a character that I loved to hate. His pompous attitude made me grit my teeth, but I did enjoy his acting and am very excited to see what he does in the next season because I’m sure he’s going to take over the plot a lot more in the second season.

Favorite Aspects of The Punisher

The strongest aspect of this show was its special effects and makeup. Frank Castle is constantly fighting with his fists, and that leads to plenty of wounds that stay on him long after the fights are over. The number of injuries Frank got worried me because this poor man kept getting beat up, but the realistic makeup and special effects blew me away because it looked so real and made me feel bad for the characters getting hurt on the show. 

I also adored the fight scenes. They were so gritty and well choreographed in a way that gripped my attention. Normally fight scenes make me lose interest, but these scenes that happened frequently in each episode of the show gripped my attention because I was so invested in Frank’s life.

Have you seen this show? Are you interested in it? Let me know if you know of a show similar to The Punisher! I’d love to check it out. Xx Olivia


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