My First Ever Bookshelf Tour

MY FIRST EVER BOOKSHELF TOUR To celebrate hitting 20K in the Booktube community, here is my first ever bookshelf tour! Thank you so much for your support over the years and for every person who has subscribed to my channel. I hope you enjoy this jazzy bookshelf tour, and if you have any questions about specific bookshelves or books in my collection, feel free to comment down below, and I’ll be sure to provide you with an answer! ☞ FAQ • How many books do you own? — About 380, I believe. • How many of your books are ones you’ve read? — All of them! Except the books facing backwards on my TBR shelf. • How do you organize your books? — By genre and authors’ last names, like in a bookstore, except some sections have become organized based on aesthetic, now. • Why are your TBR books facing backwards? — I explain my TBR organization in this video! • Where’d you get your orange dress? — Forever21 a handful of years ago! FLOATING BOOKSHELVES • Raven figurine – from Michaels Craft Store • Shakespeare Pocket book – gifted by my parents • Sleeping Kitten Figurine – gifted by mi abuela • Joker Funko Figurine – Barnes and Noble • Letter openers – [gifted] • Platypus paper weight — gifted by my parents’ friends • Red Panda figurine — Washington DC Zoo • BB-8 Crystal — Swarovski MAIN BOOKSHELF From Ikea — Liatorp • Beauty and the Beast VHS Notebook — Walt Disney World • ‘You’re the Bee’s Knees’ — gifted to me by my friend Roxanne, @The Novel Sanctuary • Diviner Tarot Cards — [gifted by Novl] • Hogwarts Notebook — Wizarding World of Harry Potter • Six of Crows dice — gifted to me by Leigh Bardugo at a book signing MY NEW BOOKSHELF From Ikea — I can’t seem to find it on the website • Honeycomb candle — New York Botanical Garden • Orange Peel and Honey Candle — TJ Maxx • Vintage Bee Pinup Art — Artist: Sveta Shubina BOOK CRATES From Michael’s Craft Store HEADBOARD BOOKSHELF • BB-8 — Walt Disney World • Steamboat Willie plushie — Walt Disney World • Mickey Mouse Figurine — gifted by my dad ___________________________________________ ☞ VIDEOS OF MINE THAT I MENTIONED • Showing Your Every Book in my TBR — __________________________________________ A f f i l i a t e * PURCHASE BOOKS AT BOOK DEPOSITORY WITH FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Follow me elsewhere ! • Website : • Instagram (@storiesforcoffee): • Goodreads : • Shop My Unhauled Books! : • Amazon Wish List : I have a PO box! ADDRESS: Olivia StoriesForCoffee PO Box 613 Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 (Please do not send unsolicited review copies to this address) Business Inquiries only: storiesforcoffee [at] gmail [dot] com ✎ Want to help caption or translate my videos? Click here! FTC: This video is not sponsored but the starred links [*] above are affiliate links, so I do receive a small commission from the retailer if you use my link which helps out this channel and is no extra cost to you!