The Beauty of Books

THE BEAUTY OF BOOKS There’s something beautiful about books themselves. Every one of us has a completely unique collection of books that are all our own. Some of us keep our books pristine while others let love and time weather their spines and pages. I’d say my collection of books is a mixture of both. Some novels are signed by authors whom I admire and others are stained with water and are dog-eared and full of highlights of my favorite passages that linger in my mind long after I’ve finished the story. Some of my books are ripped and some are merely a guest in my house before they return to the library. Some of my books are kept in Ziplocs because they are so delicate and weathered while others have cracked spines from being read so often. No matter what shape, size, or condition my books are in, I value each book I have greatly and wanted to simply share the physical beauty of some of the books I own because while I admire the stories they have to tell, I also greatly appreciate the beauty they hold and how each novel has its own unique details that I wanted to highlight in this video. I wanted to let the simplicity of the pages, spines, and novels speak for themselves, so I hope you enjoy it. Xx Olivia I also want to thank my lovely brother for assisting me in making this video. He filmed the entire piece for me because he is much more knowledgeable about camera work and is a million times more talented than me when it comes to filming, and all these beautiful shots are thanks to him. Without him, I wouldn’t know where I would be on this channel.  A f f i l i a t e * SUBSCRIBE TO BOOK OF THE MONTH YA Follow me elsewhere ! Instagram (@storiesforcoffee): Goodreads : Support my articles on Book Riot : Depop // shop my unhauled books: I have a PO box! ADDRESS: Olivia StoriesForCoffee PO Box 613 Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 Business Inquires only: _____________________________________ Music used Antique – by Jonny Easton Link:–jdiB5Uc Check out his channel Link:  Want to help caption or translate my videos? Click here! FTC: This video is not sponsored but the starred links above are affiliate links, so I do receive a small commission from the retailer if you use my link which helps out this channel!