My Writing Playlist


Inspired by Sudio‘s Reagent headphones that I got recently, which are AMAZING, wireless, incredibly comfortable, and play music so well, I wanted to talk about my writing playlist with you all! (If you are interested in Sudio’s headphones, use my coupon code: STORIESFORCOFFEE to get 15% off your order!)

Music is a great tool for writers to use to help them dive into the story that they’re working on. It has helped me get into the minds of the characters I’ve created and immerses me into my story. I believe that having a playlist for your work in progress is a great way to help you write more vividly, so in lieu of that idea, I wanted to share my writing playlist and give you a little bit of insight into the songs I’ve chosen.

A short, somewhat vague summary of my WIP: A girl is escaping her past. A boy is trying to disentangle himself from the life chosen for him. There’s Vegas nightlife, tons of mobsters, and a potential war between families.

I haven’t made a true order to this playlist because I tend to listen to it on shuffle, so choose how you’d want to listen to it. More