Missing From You by Sarah

I’d love to tell you sweet things

but I cannot talk

I see you even though my eyes are closed 

I hear your smile as you talk to me 

And I can tell when you’re trying not to cry 

from the tremble in your voice

I feel your touch as you grip my hand

for strength 

for comfort 

for someone to hold

You think I cannot feel you 

for I look to be asleep 

but that’s not true, I’m here

I just can’t speak

I’m frozen in place as time moves by

You’ve stopped coming, I miss the feel 

of your hands 

and the sound of your voice 

Please, my love, do not lose hope

Try to find ways to cope

with my absence, and my barely breathing body 

You came today, bearing bad news

You’ve found someone, you’re going to say “I do”

This cannot be, the ring is supposed to be on my left

hand where my fourth finger meets my knuckle

My heart speeds up in desperation

I refuse to be still, no more

I opened my eyes and whispered “No don’t go”

I grabbed your hand and you felt so cold

you cannot leave me for her

tears crept down your face as you cried

“I’m sorry, my love, but I’ve found another”