Journey to Holland Ridge Farms, NJ

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor activity for springtime, you must take a trip to visit Holland Ridge Farms. Tucked deep in the heart of Upper Freehold Township is an expansive farm teeming with a rainbow of tulips stretching out to the horizon. This family-owned farm has ties to Holland, famous for its gorgeous tulip fields, and will transport you to another world once you pass through their gates.

For those looking for something to eat before wandering the endless fields of tulips, you can make a pit stop at one of the handful of food trucks ready to serve you burgers, Thai food, pizza, and more. After receiving our food, my family and I settled on the grassy area around the food trucks to eat our lunch. Everyone respected another’s space and didn’t crowd together, which I greatly appreciated and gives you the chance to chat with your family without others sitting too close to you. The farm also has a bakery and gift shop that one can visit, at the end of your visit, to get some treats or gifts to bring home with you!

After eating our lunch, my family and I set out to explore the fields organized by tulips’ colors in a rainbow of flowers. It was a stunning view that felt like a painting come to life and offers you countless photo opportunities to take with loved ones. Everyone was spread out from another, enjoying each other’s company, and we were able to take our time wandering through the fields without feeling as if we were being rushed to see everything. Visitors also have the ability to pick the tulips to create your own bouquet to take home. It may feel weird at first to be able to reach down and pluck the tulips that you’re walking by, but if you’re looking to bring home some flowers from your trip to the farm, I’d highly encourage it, but remember to bring some water in your car to put your flowers in so they don’t dry out on the ride home!

Overall, this trip was a beautiful day spent outdoors to get some fresh air and see a piece of New Jersey that I have never explored before. Wandering the rows of tulip fields, one wouldn’t even think you’re in the middle of NJ, so if you’re looking for an escape or an outdoor activity to do next spring, definitely keep this farm in mind because it’s stunning, inexpensive, and incredibly peaceful.