Journey to Bethlehem, PA

Travel Diary: Bethlehem, PA | December 28-29, 2017 

A few days after Christmas, in 2017, my family and I drove into Pennsylvania on another short trip. We spent two days in Bethlehem, PA, a quaint town only a few miles big that is bustling with adorable boutiques, a lovely book shop, and historical houses that have now turned into museums. 

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel called Historical Hotel Bethlehem (which is in fact haunted!) and it was one of the most beautiful hotels that I’ve ever stayed in. It was brimming with guests and dinners lounging in the hotel lobby decorated for the Christmas season. Before we got settled into our room, my brother and I ran out, into the chilly winter air, and took photos in the back of the hotel where they have a cluster of historical looking cottages set before a small river and bridge that we explored. 

After we took a few photos, we got settled on the 9th floor of the hotel where apparently there is a haunted room that we stayed near (the hotel has a page on their website all about their ghosts, if you’re interested!). During the entire stay, I didn’t feel any spookiness, but it was pretty cool to stay on one of the floors of the hotel which is apparently prone to paranormal activity. 

Once the sun had set and we had eaten dinner, we ventured out into the frigid winter air to go on a quick bus tour of the entire town of Bethlehem. Amongst a group of people huddled together in the warm bus, we learned more about the tiny town and the Moravians who lived in it, when it was first established as a town. It was a great way to take a look at all the nooks of Bethlehem and learn more about the history, for anyone who is interested in that type of activity.

The Next Day… 

IMG_5957.JPGThe following day, my family and I ate at a small diner just outside of the town before we checked out of our hotel where I did not feel any spooky vibes, during the night. After we had packed our car, we headed across the street to the Moravian Book Shop where I bought an adorable Mad Hatter pin and took some photos of the endless amount of bookshelves that they have. Fun Fact: The Moravian Book Shop is America’s oldest bookseller which was created in the 1700’s!

Before we set off, my parents and I wandered down the main street of Bethlehem, looking at antique stores and cute boutiques that were incredibly adorable and reminded me of Stars Hollow, in Gilmore Girls. 

As our last activity for the trip, we drove an hour or two over to another section of Pennsylvania to visit my father’s friend from the Navy. And with both of our families, we drove to a secluded area, in the midst of gloomy looking woods, to eat at a restaurant. The setting of the restaurant was awe-inspiring and just homey, overall, because it looked like we were in a gigantic log cabin filled with diners who all had their heads turned towards the expanse of windows set on one side of the restaurant overlooking deer eating in front of us on the snowy ground. 

The restaurant and dinner itself was such a unique experience, and the food was fantastic. I’m not a fan of restaurants, so you know I’m serious when I say this was one of the coolest dining experiences I’ve ever had and won’t forget.

A little plant area in the Moravian Book Shop.

All in all…

With our bellies full and smiles plastered on our faces, my family and I said goodbye to my dad’s Navy buddy and began our drive back home. Visiting Bethlehem again was such a relaxing experience because the town is so tranquil and inviting, reminding me of a movie set because it has so much character and is so small compared to other towns. I adored the hotel we stayed in because it was so grand and buzzing with activity, after the holiday season, and I had a lovely stay at the quiet town of Bethlehem tucked deep into the heart of Pennsylvania.