Books that Shaped Me as a Reader, Growing Up

BOOKS THAT CHANGED ME AS A READER, GROWING UP πŸ’Œ open me πŸ’Œ Here are some books that I grew up reading that sparked my love for literature and made me the bookworm I am today. I hope this bookish video is full of nostalgia for you and reminds you of your favorite books that you read growing up. Xx Olivia _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ M y S o c i a l s β€’ Website : β€’ Instagram: β€’ Goodreads : β€’ My Shop : β€’ My Book Wish List : β€’ Letterboxd: olivia8397 ✎ Want to help caption or translate this video? Click here! Business Inquiries only: storiesforcoffee [at] gmail [dot] com FTC: This video is not sponsored. *The books mentioned in this video are YA & and are made for readers ages 13+ | The intended audience for this video is 13 or older*