Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (Review)


Rating: ★★★★★

Summary: Simon Snow just wants to relax and savor his last year at the Watford School of Magicks, but no one will let him. His girlfriend broke up with him, his best friend is a pest, and his mentor keeps trying to hide him away in the mountains where maybe he’ll be safe. Simon can’t even enjoy the fact that his roommate and longtime nemesis is missing, because he can’t stop worrying about the evil git. Plus there are ghosts. And vampires. And actual evil things trying to shut Simon down. When you’re the most powerful magician the world has ever known, you never get to relax and savor anything.

Carry On is a ghost story, a love story, a mystery and a melodrama. It has just as much kissing and talking as you’d expect from a Rainbow Rowell story — but far, far more monsters.

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, GLBT

My thoughts: Carry On is a story about a boy named Simon Snow who attending a magical school in England because he is the Chosen One destined to save the world. Simon’s arch nemesis is his roommate who is also secretly a vampire, he just broke up with his long time girlfriend, and he has to eventually battle his mortal enemy, the Humdrum. With many issues on his plate, it doesn’t help that Simon Snow is the clumsiest student at his magical school. He also has to face a new problem in his last year at Watford; his roommate, Baz, is missing and no one knows where he is. Told in multiple perspectives, Carry On is a story full of magic, sarcasm,  comedy, kissing, ghosts, and mystery that will take you on an unforgettable journey you’ll wish had no end.

Okay, I did not expect this book to be one of my most favorite books I’ve read this year. I simply was expecting this novel to be a more fleshed out version of Simon Snow’s stories that we got glimpses of in Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. I was not expecting to dive into this whimsical magical world that Simon Snow lives in that made me feel as though I was attending Watford myself. I was not expecting to fall in love with each of the characters introduced in this story who are all funny, endearing, and so incredibly lovable in their own ways. I also was not expecting for this magical love story to tug on my heart and make me want to read this book over again right when I finished it.

I loved every moment of Carry On that kept me guessing to what was going to happen next the entire time. I loved the mystery that ran its course throughout the entire novel and I especially loved the magical elements introduced to the reader. The world building was created in a way that was simplistic and yet descriptive enough to make me want to attend Watford myself. Each detail Rainbow Rowell included into this story to help describe the magic, the background stories to each character, and the battles that took place; and all captured my attention unlike any book has been able to in a while. I so was engrossed in Simon Snow’s world as he fell in love and found himself with the help of his supportive friends that never abandoned his side no matter what. 

This story was so adorable and precious (which is expected, of course, since it was written by Rainbow Rowell). The love story was so heartwarming and made me want more of it because I simply couldn’t get enough of Simon and Baz. The magical elements were so intriguing and unique (especially the spells that had some pretty silly names). The story was long, and yet it felt perfectly paced. I felt as though I was right beside Simon Snow and his friends and I am so happy that I got to experience a portion of his adventurous life that I won’t stop thinking about for a while.

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