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I was lucky enough to read and review Beth Revis’ AMAZING Paper Hearts: Some Writing Advice, and I absolutely loved everything about this book. It is full of humor and raw advice for writers (especially YA writers). If any of you are upcoming writers and would like to read some writing advice or just learn about Beth Revis’ writing process, pick up this book!

Bird by Bird meets Save the Cat in this new writing advice book by NY Times bestselling author Beth Revis. With more than 100000 reads on Wattpad, this newly expanded and rewritten edition features 350 pages of content, including charts and a detailed appendix. 


Fight the blank page.

When it comes to writing, there’s no wrong way to get words on paper. But it’s not always easy to make the ink flow. Paper Hearts: Some Writing Advice won’t make writing any simpler, but it may help spark your imagination and get your hands back on the keyboard.

Practical Advice Meets Real Experience

With information that takes you from common mistakes in grammar to detailed charts on story structure, Paper Hearts describes:

  • How to Develop Character, Plot, & World
  • What Common Advice You Should Ignore
  • What Advice Actually Helps
  • How to Develop a Novel
  • The Basics of Grammar, Style, & Tone
  • Four Practical Methods of Charting Story Structure
  • How to Get Critiques and Revise Your Novel
  • How to Deal with Failure

…And much more!

BONUS! More than 25 “What to do if…” scenarios to help writers navigate problems in writing from a NY Times Bestselling author who’s written more than 2 million words of fiction.

Tip 2: Trust your reader.

It’s often hard to find the balance between telling the story and explaining everything else. Sometimes, it feels like you have to explain everything about the character’s background, or why she made a decision, or how he plans to do something. Usually, this is all the stuff that needs to be cut from the story when you start revising. Trust your reader to pick up the clues for the characters’ motivations. Trust your reader to follow the plot without rehashing it. Trust your reader to solve the mystery without flashing the clues like a blinking neon sign. Trust your reader to be smart.


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